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Why becoming a member

  • You support the Museum, one of Magog's important cultural institutions;
  • you are invited to all events presented by the Museum, and pay a reduced price when admittance is not free;
  • you receive our newsletter
  • you are invited to the annual meeting, where you can select the Board of Directors and approve the annual budget;
  • you are yourself eligible to be elected on the Board;
  • if you are an artist, you have private access to a contribution menu from our Web site, to make an artwork donation or participate to a contest.

Becoming a member is just $25: "A small gesture on your part, a great step for the Museum !" Any voluntary gift of more than $25 is eligible for tax deduction.

To become a member: register at the Museum or contact us by phone and email.
You can also download this form.

We are always willing to fulfill your expectations.
For reservation and more information :(819) 843-2099;

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