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REVIM-14 - Final selection for the Exhibition

  1. Bantjes, Adele, South Africa
  2. Berruti, Katia; Italy
  3. Braz, Maria Tereza; Portugal
  4. Caouette, Lucille; Canada
  5. Dias, Adriano, Brazil
  6. Farkas, Viorica-Ana; Romania
  7. Grassi, Gema; Argentina
  8. Ïrtegün, Hayal; Turkey
  9. Jost, Geneviève; Canada
  10. Kelly, Antoinette; UK
  11. Léger, Royal; Canada
  12. Marchesini, Cesare; Italy
  13. Mihailovic, Dragan; Serbia
  14. Poirier, Angélique; France
  15. Skorka, Jan; Slovakia
  16. Sochas, Christian; France
  17. Tengli-Truchel, Anna; Poland
  18. Tsentsiper, Malka; Israël
  19. Uberti-Lavigne, Sophie; France;
  20. Vallée, François; Canada
  21. White, Amanda A.; UK; Jury's Grand Prize
  22. Zoppi, Giuliano; Italy

Members of the jury

  • Miss Odile Sutter, France
  • Miss Madalena Zaccara, Brazil
  • Miss Jelena Bobroussova-Davies, Russia;
  • Mister Luigi Braghiroli, Italy
  • Mister Michel Forest, Canada

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