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H E A D L I N E S !!!

From January 10 to February 18:
Langage sans frontière

Les frontières entre les artistes naïfs du monde s'estompent, car ils puisent dans un même coffre à outil universel.

From January 10 to March 18:
Envols, avec ou sans ailes

Dans le monde de l'art naïf, les lois de la gravité ne sont pas toujours respectées. Alors que certains sujets restent cloués au sol, d'autres prennent leur envol pour une variété de raisons, à saveur tantôt symbolique, tantôt fantaisiste.

Chers amis. Nous préparons un renouveau de notre site Web. C'est une grande ré-ingénierie pour un petit groupe comme le nôtre. Des anomalies de fonctionnement risquent de perturber votre navigation dans les jours-semaines qui suivent. Si tel est le cas, nous nous en excusons et croyez bien que nous verrons à remédier à cette situation le plus rapidement possible. Nous comptons sur votre patience et votre fidélité.


Friends of Naive Art, you have landed at the right place. Whether a professional artist, a Sunday painter, a collector, a gallery operator, a researcher, an educator, a student or passerby, there is something new to stir your curiosity. A wind of another kind is blowing from the paintings of our featured artists. You will be hard pressed to discover how everyday life can become a philosophical quest.

The Collection

Around 850 art works, more than 280 artists, 53 countries, 5 continents! Is there some serious thinking in this naive form of expression? Playfulness can rightly be expected, but subtle questioning of an era or society? Are there strange relationships to your own concerns and whereabouts? Dreams, empathy, desire to better the world and this strong urge to travel into foreign lands and minds are all there, ready to challenge you, as seen in this animation showcasing the permanent Exhibition or our permanent collection .

Come visit us!

While you can have a lot of fun exploring and personalizing the virtual Collection on this web site, to decipher the unusual and connect it with your personal mindscape, you must come face to face with our astonishing array of visual experiments at the Museum itself.

Talk to the artists!

Facebook page Visit (+ LIKE!) our dynamic Facebook page to chat with friends, artists, Gallery operators, amateurs and promoters of naive art. 5000 LIKEs! Works by artists from all over the world, from our collection or suggested discoveries, comments published and discussed. Not-to-be-missed special events are also announced. A friendly virtual Gallery where each one can speak her mind in her own language.

61, rue Merry Nord, Magog, QC, J1X 2E7; 819 843-2099;; Open Wednesday to Sunday, from 13:00 to 17:00; or on appointment; Free admission.
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